About me

Hi, I’m David! I’m an editor, designer, and translator based in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have always had an affinity for written English and the way it looks on the page, and I love bringing words to life through writing and design.

I have been an editor since 1999, working with all kinds of documents—everything from academic essays to comic books to financial reports. Whether you have years of writing experience or none at all, the value of a good editor cannot be underestimated. My goal as an editor is to help your document fulfill its intended purpose, whether that means putting the sentences and paragraphs into logical flow, or bringing out your distinct style and voice to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

I have been doing professional layout and design work since 2004. I regularly work on book interiors and covers, booklets, pamphlets, posters, logos, and more. Starting with your concept and vision, I will input my own ideas, working with you step by step to make sure you are satisfied with the results. Please visit my portfolio page for samples of my work.

I specialize in helping self-publishing authors bring their books to fruition. Because I am experienced with both editing and design, I can work with you to hone and finalize the text, and then create a beautiful, professional layout that is ready for print-on-demand.

In addition, I also translate from Japanese to English. I have translated a range of texts, from signs and brochures to philosophy, poetry, and fiction.

See recent testimonials of my work on my home page.

In my (limited) spare time, I enjoy taking photographs, playing tennis, gardening, cooking, reading, making and experiencing music and theatre, and of course spending time with my beautiful family.

For more information, or to talk about your project, please contact me:
david [at] textanddesign.com | +1.902.300.6708