Design Portfolio

The portfolio below is intended to give a general idea of my design work. It is always my goal to create a design that is attractive, elegant, and easy to read, while also matching its content. Each project starts from scratch, and I am always open to trying something new! The most important thing is meeting the needs and tastes of each individual client and project.

Please contact me to discuss your project and get a quote.

Books and book covers

Lead With Values

Lead With Values by Bill Black

Rise! A Girl’s Struggle for More

Rise! A Girl’s Struggle for More by Diann Floyd Boehm

Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

Wildflowers of Nova Scotia by Blomidon Naturalists Society

Essentials of Divine Breathing

Essentials of Divine Breathing by Masami Saionji

Zig Zag Zeffy

Zig Zag Zeffy by Barbara Ann Miller

Open Book

Max and Charlie by Pauline Murray

Orange Kitty

Orange Kitty and the Mouse Parade by E.M. Gales

Think Something Wonderful

Think Something Wonderful by Masami Saionji

True Perspective

True Perspective by Joe Hart (interior only)

The Thriving Doctor

The Thriving Doctor by Sharee Johnson (interior only)

Anan: Book One

Anan: a novel by Masahisa Goi

Brochures, pamphlets, flyers

Goi Peace Foundation brochure

Goi Peace Foundation brochure

UNESCO ESD Youth Conference Report

UNESCO ESD Youth Conference Report

Youth Envisioning A Peaceful World

Youth Envisioning A Peaceful World essay anthology


Symphony of Peace Prayers 2018 flyer

Logos and signs

Where It’s At Tour Nova Scotia

Djugdjug Ensemble (band)

Robie Tufts Nature Centre

East Coast Pop Up Weddings

Robie Tufts Nature Centre, west side

Robie Tufts Nature Centre, east side